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Advance IT Services | Company Policy

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Advance IT Services policy

Our clients/customers grant permission to Advance Information Technology Services Computer & Tech Support (also referred to as Advance IT Services in this agreement) to perform any action deemed necessary by them, in an attempt to repair your computer. Furthermore, our clients agree to release Advance IT Services from any liability for any data loss which may occur, or component failures occurring during attempted repair, testing, or at any other time. Advance IT Services is not responsible for loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage occurring during or after computer service.

Waiver of liability



Our clients/customer understand that payment is due in full at the time of service and unless specified in writing and that charges are binding. If the customer is unsatisfied with any of the repairs or service, the customer must notify the technician before he/she leaves the premises. The client acknowledges that there is a $25.00 fee for any returned checks. If Advance IT Services is asked to perform repair work on-site or remotely that there will be a separate charge. Please request an estimate of cost before any work is performed. If no request is made, you agree to pay all charges and/or fees assessed by Advance IT Services

Estimated Completion Time

Advance IT Services will provide an estimated completion time for your repair/install. Please call before you come in to pick up your equipment or to schedule a drop off. Unforeseen circumstances may have an impact on our ability to complete the repair(s) as provided in the estimate. Client/customer understands that most repairs take from between 1 to 5 business days, sometimes longer. If parts and/or software must be ordered or extensive repairs are needed, the repairs might take longer. I agree that Advance IT Services will be held free and harmless for computers picked up or requested to be dropped off before completion by Advance IT Services due to clients need for computer returned before completion of repair. Client/customer understands that Advance IT Services has limited space and, unless prior arrangements have been made, Advance IT Services will charge a $10.00 a day fee for storage for all computers left over 21 business days from the time of service/repair completion.

Hardware Replacement

Client/customer understands that repair replacement parts may be new, used, and/or refurbished.

Impact of Upgrades

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to understand the impact of upgrades to the operating system, applications and utility software. Such upgrades can lead to incompatibilities and the possible loss of data. Computer hardware and software work together and incompatibility may not become apparent until a later date. You are responsible for contacting the manufacturer of your software and or hardware regarding compatibility issues before you request any upgrades. Advance IT Services is not responsible for these incompatibilities and/or problems that might arise.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: To the extent permitted by law, you agree that Advance IT Service’s total liability for damages related to its services and/or repairs is limited to the total amount you pay for the services and/or repairs and you release Advance IT Services from liability for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages. ADVANCE IT SERVICES IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOSS, ALTERATION, OR CORRUPTION OF ANY DATA OR FOR YOUR INABILITY TO USE YOUR COMPUTER EQUIPMENT OR OTHER PRODUCT.

Any time a computer is accessed, there is risk of damage including, but not limited to, permanent loss of data or programs, and total loss of function of the computer. This risk is increased when the computer has been infected with viruses, worms, or other malicious software. Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus and spyware removal, may damagesoftware and/or data installed on your computer. This is to be expected and may require the re-installation of your operating system, programs, and data at an additional cost.

Loss of Data

Data is the most important part of a computer system because it is often irreplaceable. Due to the process of repair, data may get damaged, corrupted or deleted. Advance IT Services is not responsible for the loss or corruption of any data which may occur while performing work on your computer. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BACKING UP YOUR OWN DATA. You may request that Advance IT Services back up your data for you, for an extra charge; however, we do not guarantee any backup.

DATA Recovery

If data recovery service is requested, client/customer understands that, even if the data is successfully recovered, there is a possibility that individual files and directories on the disk may still be inaccessible due to wear and tear of damaged, malfunctioning, and/or old media. Data recovery services are not guaranteed.


Advance IT Services will only perform the work agreed upon when you bring your computer in for repair. You must authorize any additional work which may be required.


You must own or be an authorized agent thereof the computer that you bring in for repair(s). Advance IT Services will return the computer only to its owner or authorized agent when the repair(s) are complete. You must own and demonstrate ownership of any software that is to be installed or re-installed on your computer by Advance IT Services by bringing in the original Software CDs and the appropriate keys and/or serial numbers. Advance IT Services is not responsible if client does not have original software CD/DVD ROMs, and client will be charged if software or software licenses are necessary.


In its sole discretion, Advance IT Services reserves the right to refuse work that it believes is beyond the scope of its ability or for other cause, with or without reason.


If you do not pick up your equipment within thirty (45) days after we notify you that the requested service is complete, we will treat your equipment as abandoned. You agree to hold Advance IT Services harmless for any damage or claim for the abandoned property. Any and all charges are still your responsibility.


Advance IT Services makes no warranty or guarantee as to its repairs, unless otherwise stated by Advance IT Services. We will demonstrate that the repair is complete at the time you pick up or we drop off your computer. Due to the nature of computers and software, we cannot be responsible for problems or damage that occurs after you leave our premise. If your computer problem reoccurs or another problem occurs after a completed on-site service call or in-office pick-up this will be considered a separate issue. If an on-site service call is requested or in-office service is requested, you will be charged our regular rat

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 818-427-4179
  • Fax: 818-427-4179
  • Address: 2504 Montrose Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

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